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Our Farms, Why We Source Our Meat Local.

We have always believed strongly in the buy local mantra, even more so as the current climates changes. In the last few years many people feel the same as we do, this is why we push the shop local, support local! 

There are a few reasons why we stand by this and why it is important to buy local.


We are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by incredible Farmers and suppliers.

Over the years of working together daily we have built up relationships with our farmers giving us full confidence in the animals and meat that we are provide.

Knowledge of the produce- By using the Farmers that we do ensures full traceability of the animals from field to fork, using only the highest welfare standards of Farming.

Quality- this is pretty straight forward. Our meat is local, free-range as well as grass fed, this makes a massive difference in flavour as well as quality. As we buy local this means our meat is not only taster but fresher as well.

Environmentally Friendly- by supporting local farmers and supplying local people, we are lowering mileage for transport for food miles, as well as ensuring that our delivery methods are efficient as possible.


Support Local Communities- Working together to support local community, Local farms, providing the hospitality businesses, as well as households, we feel our support local is one of our key values. 

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