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This cut of meat is becoming more and more popular, made from the Ribeye steak and ribcap joint with a rib bone french trimmed and left on for added flavour and effect.These epic joints are beautiful for roasting or for the braver chefs these can also be barbecued. 


1 rib would feed 3/4 adults


  1. 1) Remove steak from fridge, 30 minutes before cooking to allow it to get to room temperature. lightly season the steak and to create a good crust you'll need a healthy amount of good quality sea salt and cracked black pepper. Feel free to add your favourite BBQ rub or go to our pantry section to choose one of ours.


2) Set up the BBQ for indirect cooking at 275 degrees Fahrenheit and place steak on the BBQ with a temperature probe in the centre of the beef then cook to desired rareness.


(on average a 1.5kg joint takes 60mins)


Internal temperature guide

  • Rare 120F
  • Medium rare 125F
  • Medium 130F
  • Well done 155F


Cote Du Boeuf ( French Trimmed Rib of Beef)