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Pork sausage with addition of coriander and black pepper - very aromatic and perfect choice for the morning fry-up or as a part of a hearty meal.



Put a non-stick pan over a medium heat then add the sausages. A little of the fat from the sausages will start to come out as they warm up, turn the sausages in the hot fat to coat them

Keep cooking for 15-20 mins, moving them around in the pan and turning them over regularly so they all cook evenly.

They’ll be ready when the outside of the sausages are a deep golden brown and the inside is pale but with no sign of pink or blood. Cut open to check.



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Gluten Free Cumberland Sausage 500g (5-6 sausages)

    • ork (84.5%), Salt, Rice Flour, Dextrose, Stabilisers (Diphosphate E450), Preservative
    • E221 (Sulphite), Yeast Extract, Flavourings, Spices, Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid), Spice
    • Extracts, Herb Extracts, Colour (Carmine), Starch (Tapioca), Potato Fibre, Citrus Fibre,
    • Gluten Free Rusk, Dextrose Monohydrate, Vegetable Fibre, E471 Processing Acid,
    • Caramelised Sugar Syrup, Paprika Extract, Dried Leeks, Sausage Casing
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