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Why We Have Our Own Handcrafted Condiments In Our Butchery.

As many of our customers we asking about condiments, and were purchasing ones we prebought in from mass companies we decided to start to look a little closer at our own ethos and our values, we are already sourcing our meat locally so why not our preserves! This question we asked ourselves over Christmas 2022, started to make enquiries. then fast forward a month, and Griffins Of Stone Preserves were arriving in our butchery.

After some research we soon found the people we wanted work alongside to make this dream come to live. Their community values & ethos were similar to our own, their friendly team asked countless amounts of questions, before we made the decision to work alongside these amazing people. We discussed everything from jars, labels and the farms, this process we thought at that time was going to be the best part!!!! How very wrong were we. It was the sampling of the products, they were arriving in, we can not tell you how many jam sandwiches we consumed at this point, but lets say we are surprised there wasn't a shortage of bread.

So lets get to it, and talk a little more about why we picked the company we did!

The farmers who grow the fruit for our preserves are Anthony & Christine, at their much loved farm, Herefordshire. They have won countless awards for their quality, these include "Great Taste Award" as well "Soft Fruit Growers Of The Year"

Their quality and richness of their soil ensures they grow the best flavoured varieties for premium produce.

The jams are handmade in small batches using the traditional open pans, this ensures maximum flavour and taste.

Reasons Why Griffins Of Stone, Feel Handcrafted is the way forward!

Our farmers are passionate about the fruit they grow. Only the best top quality fresh fruit is picked at its ripest, then leaves the farm which is promptly picked then taken a short distance to Windmill Hill for packing. By using trusted farms means we get the perfect combination of sweetness and acidity. This also means that they have their most natural taste

Commercially made preserves use inferior ingredients to reduce their costs and increase their profits. This does save you money, but they are packed full of ingredients on the labels that no know even understands these low quality ingredients, the long term effects of consuming these low cost ingredients absolutely out way the savings.

The taste of these preserves are tremendous, they are fresh the colours are vibrant and definitely the right amount of tartness. the taste is more delicious they are more appealing, they are certainly far more nutritious, we think they out-perform commercially produced preserves.

Do you want to see what all the hype is about?

Pop into see us, or click the link to order from our online shop

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