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So What is Dry Aged Steak & Is It Worth The Hype?

So many of you have seen the meat hanging in the ager whilst visiting the butchery. So we thought we would write a blog to explain it a little more. Dry-aged may seem like a new trend, however the technique has been used for centuries to tenderise meat. As we all know already that beef is a fantastic flavoursome meat. With that being said, when the steak has been in the dry ager, the meat increases in tenderness thus intensifying flavours and the ultimate taste sensation.

How Does The Process Works And What's The Texture

As you all know already good things come to those who wait! This process is certainly going to achieve that goal. Leaving the steak in a controlled cold at 2 degrees for a minimum of 34 days maximum of 120 days, these times are dependent on the cuts & size of beef, As well as the intensity of beef flavour that you desire. This is achieved in a climate-controlled environment, which allows the enzymes to break down the collagen naturally. The collagen holds the fibers together which can cause the steak to be tough, so when it's broken down by the enzymes, it is how the meat relaxes and becomes easy to chew as it is much more tender. We also use Himalayan salt blocks within the environment which encourages water evaporation this adds to the drying process by drying and purifying the air, the salts add a depth to the flavour. This cut of beef is sure to be as tender as possible, giving you the most mouth-watering texture which leads to this cut of primal beef being temptingly moreish, The ease of eating this cut of steak paired with the soft texture is perfect for any carnivore. So let's not confuse this process with what might happen if you leave the raw steak in the fridge, This dry-aged beef is a specially prepared meat that has quite literally been aged to bring out its natural flavours. This meat is aged in a highly controlled environment. When the dry aging process is completed, we will carve off the hard, outer layer of the steak and discard it, this will reveal the premium of primal cuts you have tasted, once you have tasted these cuts, we are sure you will not return to vacuum packed supermarket steaks again.

The Dry-Aged Steak Hype

Normally you would need t book into a restaurant or steakhouse to taste the same quality of the dry ager, but not now, you can visit Griffins Of Stone Butchery, we only use the primal cuts, these are the high-end cuts, such as rib eye, T bone, sirloin, as well as cote du beef in our dry ager. So why not send the invites out to host a steak night and enjoy the experience in your own home? As the dry age is certainly a talking point amongst friends, who will be left wondering how you created a quality dish.

Dry-aged steak requires three things: time, space, and quality meat. Dry-aging causes the steak to lose some volume, so it may seem like your meat has shrunk. For meat purveyors, volume and time mean money. With lost weight and time, dry-aged steaks come at a relatively higher cost.

So if you are a person who enjoys premium cuts of beef, dry-aged beef is something you should most definitely try.

Dry aging beef is like aging fine cheese or wine- the lucrative process gives the beef time to mature to truly bring out its best self.

Do not just take our word, for your dry-aged steak today

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